What is ILCS, Intelligent Light Control System

December 11, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Electronics

In the world of today, everything is getting smarter, our mobile phones, city infrastructure and transportation. What about our streetlights? how could we know those?

Intelligent Light Control System

What is Intelligent Light Control System?

Introducing the Intelligent Light Control System, the ILCS, a revolutionary lighting system that utilizes mesh networks for a stable is smart digital neural infrastructure for the city.

So most of you probably wondering, what about mesh networks? Well mesh networks are basically networks made of numerous interconnected nodes, communicating with one another, to transmit information, every node is inter linked and uses the shortest path to this change data, should any single node go down, the transmission can automatically reroute to the next available node and carry the data to its destination.

The ILCS (Intelligent Light Control System) network is made of three components, the LCU (Light Control Unit), the DCU (Data Control Unit) and the cloud-based monitoring platform (Cloud Vision Monitoring Platform); our light control units are built smart from the ground up, with a multiple built-in features installed to each of our luminaire, one key feature is out to geo-locating itself and synchronized with the real-time clock, it will then operate following the astronomy call time, that the location in a standalone mode.

External sensors can also be integrated with the LCU for collection of desired data and/or create triggers for the different lighting applications, for example our intelligent light gaming features kicks in to save electricity by detecting traffic on roads, maximizing brightness when they’re needed, and dimming back down when they’re not.

All LCU’s are connected to the data control unit, the DCU monitors controls and manages all the connected LCU, however in the case of the DCU fails, all LCU will operate autonomously with the last update from the DCU.

The DCU also acts as a gateway to cloud-based monitoring platform for real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and programming. All data readings are starting ready to be extracted for further diagnostics, all three components operate seamlessly ready to ate network coverage for managing various solutions.

The ILCS is not merely a light managing system, it’s a revolutionary foundation of the city of the future; the fully deployed system creates the Internet of Things, Nearer infrastructure for the entire city to tackle existing challenges, such as security, fire detection and personal have buttons, smart parking systems, telecommunication hubs, intelligent traffic management and much more can be incorporated with the ILCS network to create a safer and smarter city.

ILCS, Intelligent Light Control System is a solution by Nikkon. Contact your LED lighting supplier in Malaysia for more information.