8 Step To Start An Internet Marketing Business

October 30, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Digital Marketing

Turn back the clocks 12 months and I would never have thought that I would have quit working for a boss, walked away from the high paying managerial job I’d been in for 10 years to begin a life as an internet marketer. In fact, turn back the clock just 10 months I wouldn’t even have known what internet marketing was.

I was very fortunate however that a good friend of mine Dave Crane, who is a renowned motivational coach and life designer, introduced me to an amazing group of people who seemed to be living the life of their dreams.

Internet Marketing

These guys were traveling the world first class, staying in some extremely luxurious places, meeting many of my heroes such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump and living their lives like those of millionaires. What was so amazing though was that their whole lifestyle was funded by passive income. Money that was making itself whilst they sleep.

Since that day I have become consumed by the internet marketing world,  have spent thousands of hours (and dollars) learning the secrets of this amazing business and have been lucky enough to meet (and in some cases become friends with) some of the most successful internet marketers around.

Many of my friends knowing nothing about internet marketing (as I didn’t until recently) wonder how and why I had given up the security of a high paying job with 30 people under me to working from home on my own. My answer to them was that the comfort zone is the riskiest place to be, and sometimes you have to take a leap of faith in to the unknown to find the greatest success.

Just a few weeks on I am living an amazing life by the beach with the freedom to work when I want, enjoy the activities I want to do, with no one to answer to but myself.

So what do I need to do to make the lifestyle change you have I hear you ask? To those of you who are just starting out this is a step by step guide to get you up and running and earning money online;

Step 1 – Mindshift
This is probably the most important and often the most over looked step in becoming an internet marketer. To be successful online you have to become an entrepreneur. Amazing things can be done online only if you understand and accept that internet marketers play by different rules especially in regards to leverage. Most people who stick with an employee mindset struggle to break out of 9-5pm thinking. You MUST banish this way of thinking if ever you are to be successful online.

Step 2 – Find a Mentor
Don’t think you can go it alone – you can’t! Even if you are talented enough to learn and apply the skills yourself you will be left way behind by others who invest in learning from someone who is successful already. Why make all the mistakes yourself (you will make tons of mistakes along the way) when you can learn from the mistakes and wisdom of a mentor who has experienced them already. I have several mentors in different areas of my life including 2 very highly successful internet marketers. If you are starting out I can highly recommend signing on to courses by James Schramko or Ernesto Verdugo who I have been highly privileged to learn from. It is well worth investing in paid training as that is where all the best information is found…and it will seriously accelerate your success.

Step 3 – Plan
Have a strategy. Most people start out in internet marketing entirely the wrong way. I hear so many people saying “I have this brilliant idea” – well it might be brilliant, but I bet it isn’t! You see where they are going wrong is they are entering a market with a product in mind and then they try and work out how to sell it. But, there is a far better way. I prefer to start with the audience in mind and then build your product around the needs and wants of your audience. Most often the best way to monetize initially is as an affiliate (a bit like a commission only sales person) As an affiliate we still build a list and create an authority blog, where we may eventually develop and sell our own products.

Step 4 – Research
The next stage is to do some keyword research. The easiest way to go about this is to use Market Samurai which is available at this time on a FREE trial. Alternatively the Google keyword tool will also do the job. What we are looking for is keyword terms that have some traffic, Google adwords competition (around 4 to 5 ads showing is ideal) and less than say 50,000 results in ‘quotes’ in the search listing. In the example shown here I ended up finding the keyword phrase: “How to achieve my goals”

This should be a buying phrase with at least some commercial intent. Words such as ‘buy’, ‘how to’, ‘review’ or something that describes a product should be your preferred choices. Next we type that in to Google and investigate the keyword lists from the top few ranked sites using the alexa ’search analytics’ data.

Step 5 – Money Link
Now we join a program where we can sell a product offer relating to that keyword. We search for our keyword + affiliate. The most popular affiliate offer can be found on Clickbank, however there are a number of affiliate schemes including cj.com.  Once we have signed up for an offer we now read the sales page or pages as in my example (as I chose to create a review site) so that we can get in to the mind of the buyer.

Step 6 – Content
Now we must create or buy (you can outsource your content as I do for many of my sites) to act as a lead magnet. There are a number of different types of content such as video, audio and of course text and it is best to be as content rich as you can. If you use video you can take advantage of You Tube by posting videos about your topic with a view to attracting clicks through a URL link to your website  displayed within the video and in the description link next to the video. If we have no content we can rent or buy a youtube video by contacting the owner of an already existing video. If you are creating a video it can be a slideshow made with powerpoint. You can film yourself with a digital camera set to movie mode. Alternatively use screenflow or camtasia software just to make a screen video of you talking on the sales offer page whilst scrolling.

Step 7 – Traffic
Time to get some traffic. We post our video and place links in the description to either the offer directly or our own site. Even if you plan to link straight to the offer without pre selling buyers on your own web page I would still suggest using a redirected domain. Buy a domain from godaddy.com and then re-direct it to the affiliate link using the built in domain forwarding feature available at godaddy.

If you want to manage any content on your domain you will need to buy a hosting account which you can get from site5.com.

If you are building a blog or a review site as I have done as this example for this exercise be sure to get a nice key word domain or a brandable domain. Be sure also to use the correct perma link structure of /%category%/%postname%/ so that all your pages appear using keywords which you will have defined in the post name, as well as in the tags with each page. This will help search engines find your site more easily which in turn will mean more traffic.

Step 8 – Conversions
Finally we need people to click through to the offer and purchase so that we make some money. One way to encourage sales is by offer a bonus with the purchase. If we do this we can also capture the buyers name and email address so that we can interact with the afterwards. As a minimum if you have a blog site you should have a name capture and free report download. The use a service like aweber to automate follow up emails, which might include links to other offers. The goal of course is to build a huge list that will grow to know and trust you so much that they will buy almost any product offer you send out. To do this of course you will need to ensure that your products is of value and delivers what you say it will.

More Ideas:
Once you are up and running with a simple website (or even before) I would recommend you go buy “its not about the website” by James Schramko. This is a great introduction to internet marketing (…and only costs $17) and will get you off on the right track. You may also want to check out SuperFastResults.com which is in my opinion the best internet marketing forum on the web.