5 Tips For LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

October 26, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Social Media Marketing

Whether we like it or not, LinkedIn has become more than a social media network for professionals. It is a marketing tool for users and businesses to promote themselves and their businesses. A study by Jobvite found that 93 percent of recruiters were using LinkedIn to find candidates. A survey done for Harvard Business Review from a sampling of top technical salespeople, 40 percent of the LinkedIn Enthusiasts were able to generate income for their activities. If you are not marketing yourself on LinkedIn, it’s time to get started.

LinkedIn Marketing

Here are a few tips:

1. Create a Profile that Projects Your Goals

If you are looking for new opportunities, your profile should highlight your skills and accomplishments. If your goal is sales and lead generation, your profile should be a marketing tool that presents a solution to your prospects.

2. Share Content with a Purpose

Have a plan in mind when creating and curating content to post. Targeting your content and writing posts that position you as a thought leader will get you noticed by recruiters and prospective clients. Avoid “How tos” and go for a more opinion-oriented style.

3. Use LinkedIn’s Awesome Tools

LinkedIn provides some great ways to help you build relationships. Using the Reminders, Notes, How you meet and Tags can help keep you organized and connected.

4. Drive Leads with your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the number one social network driving traffic to company’s homepages. Use it in conjunction with your content marketing to help attract decision makers.

5. Use Advanced Search to Narrow Down Options

This option can help you target to find new leads and recruiters looking for what you have to offer. Allowing you to find and connect with your primary prospects and engage with them.

With about 660 million members, from 200+ country, 57% male and 43% female member. LinkedIn is becoming an impressive marketing and research tool for job seekers and B2B companies. Getting started with LinkedIn social marketing should be a top of you to do list for 2020.