What Information Should be Printed in Your Business Card?

January 22, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Your business card is primary representative of your brand before your potential leads. It will remind them of your product and service as well as help them to contact you when they need your offerings. Now, having a business card is not enough. You have to know what information to put for business card printing in Malaysia to make it worthy to be stored in wallets. Here is a brief on what to include in your business card.

Your business logo
The business logo of your company should take the center-stage on your card. A leading and seasoned card printing company may advise you to print the logo big and bright on one side of the card. That side should be completely dedicated to your logo. The other side of the card should also have your logo in small.

Your name & company name
No business card is complete without the name of the cardholder. So, your name must be printed on your business card. Then, you should also include the name of your company.

Your designation
Your business card must also feature your job designation. It will help your leads to recollect your position in the company, how you may help them and how you got in touch. For the trend of today, mostly designation had to write very creatively, example no longer people write “customer service manager” as their desination, they might write “customer sucesss manager”.

Phone number
You must include your business phone number on your business card. Even if you prefer to communicate via emails mostly- still the presence of a mobile/landline number is crucial. It helps to establish credibility because customer usually more confident if you had a mobile phone and landline for them to reach you instanly.

Website URL & email
No business card in the modern digital age is complete without email id and website URL of the cardholder. The presence of the website URL will also serve as a good CTA for your leads. For email wise, it is not recomend to use FREE email such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail; it is advice to at least invest a domain name and a professional email hosting services.

Physical address
Though most of the business communications are getting virtual these days yet the physical address of your company should be there on your business card. If you don’t had a physical address, customer will lost confident as they found that your business without a physical presense. Also most of the online business purchase virtual address or using co-working address as their business address.

Links of social media accounts
With social networking sites being increasingly used for business communication today- you may include your professional social networking links on your business card.

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