Why you can’t ignore Pinterest in Social Media Marketing

October 18, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Social Media Marketing

With the passage of time, online marketing has become diverse and newer platforms have emerged. It is a well known fact that, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram are crucial in social media marketing but Pinterest came in the picture only recently. Pinterest is one such social network which is growing in popularity and the site has over 100 million users. 85% of the total users are females and the net worth of the company is $11 billion. Pinterest mainly targets the mobile users and everything is available here from dinner recipes, furniture sets to hairstyle ideas. Interestingly, in the one year period between May 2012 – May 2013, the number of user in UK increased by 2.5 times. This has attracted advertisers and marketers as the platform offered countless marketing opportunities. The amount of money spent by people who use Pinterest is two times more than those who use Facebook. The statistics clearly show why Pinterest is important for marketers and your social media strategy should definitely involve Pinterest.

Pinterest Social Media

Why Pinterest?

The concept which Pinterest uses is a little different; it’s not like Facebook or Twitter. Like StumbleUpon or Digg, Pinterest is a bookmarking site. In this online community, various users can upload images, which are popularly known as pins. In the Pinterest interface, there are boards on which this posts or pins are placed. The user can customize the boards according to their desires. Mainly businesses want to increase site traffic by being more discoverable on the Google search results. If the reach of the social network is impressive, increasing the sales becomes way easier. So as a marketer, what can you do on Pinterest? Let’s find out.

Website: Your main idea is to promote your website, so that people know about the services you want to offer. Pinterest allows you to pin the website link and that pin can be promoted as well. Moreover a separate board should be created for the blog posts and it can result in a massive increase in followers. The name of the board should contain keywords which is essential for SEO.

Images: You can’t overlook the visual aspect of Pinterest, images mean everything here. Yes the content matters and the reading material must be captivating, but images have a psychological appeal and stunning visuals will attract pinners. If the pictures are great, more people will click the blog and actually read it. Pinterest is like a glossy magazine which contains engaging content and the viewer will only be attracted by the one which stands out from the rest.

Videos: With video marketing at an all time high, Pinterest is also not lagging behind. Sharing videos can massively increase the exposure. Not only videos, but the same is applicable for audio podcasts and SlideShares. But some fine adjustments should be made before posting the videos. The thumbnail has to be interesting and the pin description must contain the relevant keywords.

Repining: Like the other platforms, sharing valuable content matters in Pinterest too. There should be a solid strategy behind repining and the needs of the audience must be kept in mind. Your followers will only repin those pins which are valuable to them.

Pinterest Marketing – How it works?

Pinterest marketing can be divided into various steps and it ranges from creating engaging content for the audience to interacting with them. By using Pinterest you can attract potential customers and this helps a lot in the marketing campaigns. If users come across great content, they will most definitely pin it and this boosts traffic. As more and more people visit your profile, leads are generated which can be converted to sales. Repining is like re-tweeting, it enhances the online presence by expanding the reach of your profile. The main focus should be on creating quality content which actually grabs the attention of the users. Posts with images are always preferred and there are plenty of images on the internet to choose from. Content from different blogs and other social networks can be incorporated and this is a good practice in many ways.


If you want a deep insight about the market trends, Pinterest can help. As a digital marketer, you have to closely scrutinize the trends and watch what people are following. This insight can come in handy; as it will help you modify and fine-tune your content strategy. If you don’t interact with your followers, the engagement rate will significantly drop. There has to be some activity on your profile and this will ensure that your marketing efforts are moving in the right direction. Lastly, your profile should be completely updated to reduce bounce rate and actually retain the customers. When a user views a profile, that first impression means everything. If relevant information is added on your profile, not only will the profile seem authentic, but more traffic will be directed back to the website.