Getting Started

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Welcome to Fish Bowl Malaysia, 1st and Largest Business Card Directory in Malaysia. Kindly choose your role below. Please note that you can be both Card Holder and Card Owner

  • Card Holder – who collect business card
  • Card Owner – who distribute business card




Card Holder – Who collect Business Card

  1. Sign up an account here
  2. Access the Business Card listing which you wish to add, for example ( and click “Add to Card Holder (Favorite It)
  3. After you add the card to card holder, you may find all your card collection at “My Card Holder

Card Owner – Who distribute Business Card

    1. Get ready your business card in soft copy (Recommended dimensions 700 x 425 ; lesser then 100kb file size to optimize loading performance)
    2. Click “ADD LISTING”
    3. Choose any plan you prefer
    4. Fill up the detail on your right panel such as username, password, email (For account creation purpose) as well as Business Description, Contact Person Details, Business Categories, Upload Business Card and Business Address. Lastly, hit the “S11AVE LISTING” button.
    5. Once done, you can see your listing detail show in this page. Before your business listing get listed, click the MAKE PAYMENT
    6. From payment option, you may choose to pay via bank transfer or if you had PROMOCODE, insert and click APPLY COUPON
    7. Finally, Your business card is shows at